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Mr. Rebates - need help please

I'm new to Mr. Rebates and was trying to shop on I received an email about eBags having promo for 30% off - which is stated on website if you go there. Then I remembered Mr. Rebates. So I went to MR, then through to ebags and it had info about 25% off instead of 30%. (You get 12% back from MR for ebags -fyi)

So I put in my promo code from my email and it gave me the option to choose which promo I wanted to go with showing the different prices (obviously lower with the 30% off).

To make a long story longer (sorry), I can't tell if I will still get the MR $$ back if I choose the 30% option. Is there a way to tell? I don't see any little icons that show you're logged on thru MR. I'm afraid choosing the 30% will negate the MR cash back.. I guess if I wanted to pay more now for purse, I would end up better (25 + 12%), but not real excited to pay more up front.

Thanks for 'listening'. Any advice or info would be so appreciated!! TIA!