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More “Outfit” Suggestions, Please

When Amy started on Inspired Style, the thing I loved most was that she suggested outfits and pairings of pieces to create a “look.” I LOVED her for that advice. If you purchase on Nordstrom, they show you how a piece can work into a fully accesorized outfit. I realize home shopping is a fast-paced game, but I also know that selling someone an item in context of a full outfit (bags, shoes, jewelry) is great! We would probably buy more, too. I did see the video of today’s TSV and the pulling together of four outfits around it. Very useful! Wonder if anyone else would find this helpful? Happy New Year to all! - Bella xo
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Re: More “Outfit” Suggestions, Please

agree!!! I remember when a former host had a picture of the entire outfit, accessories, etc, and a link to purchase each item. I would definitely love to see that again

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Re: More “Outfit” Suggestions, Please


Evine started a series like that on Thursday mornings with Kristine hosting. Stopped right before the holidays but it's supposed to be coming back.

They took a couple of basic pieces and then styled it a few different ways; shoes, bag and all!

I thought it was a good concept and Kristine is a pleasure to watch. I hope it comes back!


The Q has been doing some styling tips but they're more like quick ads. 'This is how I wear the TSV in 3 different ways'