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Isaac I love the LOOK of all your moccasin's... notice I said the LOOK.. can't try them.. I have heel spurs and have to have a raised heel.. so please think about doing your moccasins with a wedge heel cause I know I am not the only lady who can not wear a flat shoe... would love to try your moccasins as they are some good looking shoes and all I can do is look at them and wish......does anyone else need shoes with a raised heel???

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I agree. I would prefer some wedge mocassins.

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love the mocassins I plan to buy more fit good look good can walk all day in them love love love

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A wedge mocassin? Like these? Faux Suede Moccasin Wedge Bootie {#emotions_dlg.blink}

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Isaac did offer A230607, a moccasin with a raised heel, although the reviews are not good.