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Well, this ain't our granny's world anymore.  Like it or don't like World is becoming more inclusive, less judgemental and less biggoted.  No cares about some old fogey rules.  

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"Old fogey rules"--what a ridiculous statement.

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No to pearls..Yes to chains..




4mm Stainless Steel Round Box Chain Necklace for Men. — WE ARE ALL SMITH: Men's  Jewelry & Clothing.





Chain?  What chain?

@geezerette  You're funny!.....but I agree Smiley Happy

LOL - I agree. It would be hard to notice any pears on this guy!

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@chrystaltree    Less bigoted.   Hardly true.  I wish it was so but it's not

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See the source image


Everyone should be free to wear any jewelry they choose as long as it's paid for.

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