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Men's Essential Hooded Pullover

If you or your DH/BF/SO wear hoodies, this is a good deal.  My BF often gets these from Old Navy, and after a season they're trashed.  I bought him all three colors.  There are some smaller sizes too, if you like things slouchy.


Relaxed through the chest and sleeve, with a slightly slimmer waist.


Men's L.L.Bean Essential Hoodie Pullover

Men's L.L.Bean Essential Hoodie PulloverMen's L.L.Bean Essential Hoodie Pullover

$29.99 until 2 p.m. ET or until it sells out.

Item #: PO507472

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Re: Men's Essential Hooded Pullover

I bought  a fleece zip up sweatshirt for B to wear under his winter jacket, he is alway cold these days. I got it on Amazon for $19.00

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Re: Men's Essential Hooded Pullover

I have a couple of tunic sweats from here and they are a little thin but have worn well.

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Re: Men's Essential Hooded Pullover

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Love this idea and the colors. Every hoodie he owns is Black/grey/navy.  Time for us to expand our horizons and live a little!  Great for our RV camping.  



Edited to add:  I just ordered the top two colors.  Sizes are limited already.  Thanks!