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Does anyone know what brand of Wedge Sandals Martha is wearing? She’s had them on in black and white....are they her own brand?

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Probably her own brand but I thought they were frumpy looking and distracted from her outfit she was trying to sell.

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@grandma petes: Exactly my question, thanks for asking!


The best Fashion Investigator is @lolakimono, maybe she knows?


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I’m not sure if these are the wedges she’s wearing today. They are Michael Kors. 

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They look awful - 1930's - probably borrowed from Lori G (shark tank).

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Re: Martha’s Wedges

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@grandma petes

Have you seen these?

It's hard to tell from the print photo, because I can only see them head on, and not to the side.

Image result for Robert Clergerie Peep Toe Wedge Sandals

Robert Clergerie Peep Toe Wedge Sandals

Robert Clergerie

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Re: Martha’s Wedges

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If you look at the video for the embroidered jeans (with Amy), she seems to be wearing the shoes in a white version with jute-covered platforms.


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JMO, but I think these wedges look frumpy, and also have that bride of Frankenstein look.  @fthunt ~ thanks for the giggle😄

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She can't even walk in them.

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I noticed Martha walking in a very awkward manner and looked as if she would trip if she wasn't extremely careful.  I was curious why she would wear shoes that made her look clumsy.