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I ordered Martha’s patchwork jeans a few weeks ago and just tried them on! These jeans are spot on! Perfect fit, stylish and priced just rIght! We have a high end boutique here and these could be sold for over $200! 👖
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I agree with your comments.  The sizing is spot on.  They are great jeans.

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@LP Janwrote:
I ordered Martha’s patchwork jeans a few weeks ago and just tried them on! These jeans are spot on! Perfect fit, stylish and priced just rIght! We have a high end boutique here and these could be sold for over $200! 👖

I bought the petite straight leg jeans before Christmas and I never in my life imagined I'd be saying Martha Stewart makes my favorite pair of jeans. 

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I have 8 pr of her jeans ,and everyone is a  perfect fit

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She has a pair of embellished jeans that I'd love to try.  They are a little $$ and the last thing I need is new jeans but when I look at her fashion line.....those jeans always catch my eye.

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I agree! In fact I have both her grey and blue patchwork jeans and ironically wore the blue ones today. Perfection!!


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I have been a member of this community for 20 years and have not posted for approximately 8 years.  Until today.  I hate shopping for jeans MORE than I hate shopping for swim suits.  I am 59 years old and I like to wear clothes that are fashionable and appropriate.  It is difficult since during the span of one month I can vacillate between 2-3 sizes depending on my health situation.  During and after menopause everything shifted and expanded making comfort a nearly impossible task.  I have tried every jeanon this planet during the past decade, settling on jeans that met the criteria for most of needs.  Then I tried on MS jeans.  They were not too heavy or thin.  The waist was higher in the back and not too low in the front.  The cotton content vs. synthetic content were acceptable.  Large front pockets that also act as an extra layer to smooth you out.  And the styles were cute, but not too cute.  I thought it was a freakish thing.  So, I ordered several pairs in different styles, colors and sizes.  The sizing was accurate, although all the denim styles were a slimmer fit than the chino/twill fabrications.  They weren’t too tight, they just started out tighter when you put them on.  During this time I told no one of my find.  Why?  Because I am selfish and evil when it comes to jeans.  I wanted to get all the jeans I wanted and did not want any of them to sell out before I bought them.  While wearing I rec many compliments and was asked where I purchased them.  My reply....They were a gift, so I’m not sure.  Yes, I lied.  But, now I am screaming out to everyone so they too can feel comfortable and fashionable at all times.  My favs are the tuxedo stripe, the older style.  I do have the newer style too, but my absolute favs r the tux ones.  So, enjoy!

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It's always a good day when you find jeans/pants that fit, I know, I have tried on a zillion jeans in my life time.  Lee Jeans/premium fit me well, and they are a good trouser jean for the winter but to heavy for spring/summer.


NYDJ fits me pretty well, at least the Jessica BoyFriend fits well, today I received the Laurie Felt jeans, the waist is big and are a little low in the back BUT fit great in the thighs...12 was huge, 10 is what I am keeping, but wondering if an 8 would be better....anyway, thanks for the review on Martha's Jeans....I will compare measurements with the laurie jeans and maybe purchase a pair of Martha's jeans, thanks!

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Re: Martha’s Jeans!

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Ladies who loved Martha's jeans, would you please come back and give us an idea of your body type?  If you're an hour-glass figure (plus sized or not) and I'm straight up and down, we're not going to be happy with the same jeans.  I got that everyone who posted loves these jeans, and that left me wanting to try them out.  But what looks great on you may look awful on me.  More info, please?

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The only way you are going to know, is to buy a pair ,and try them for yourself. Eveyone is different ,use the charts ,that is what I did @Shoesnbags