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Has anyone been to a Marshall's or TJMaxx since they have reopened?  I hear the stores in my area (upstate NY) are quite empty.  They were my go-to stores!  How I miss them!!



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I don’t like those discount stores for clothing. Limited sizes, colors. Shop worn merchandise. I don’t liked browsing through racks. Too time consuming.

There is one small off-price nearby- that’s about the extent of my brick and mortar shopping these days.
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@bargainsgirl wrote:

Has anyone been to a Marshall's or TJMaxx since they have reopened?  I hear the stores in my area (upstate NY) are quite empty.  They were my go-to stores!  How I miss them!!




TJ Maxx has really been empty of merchandise.  In fact, about a month ago I asked if the store was closing as it was so empty.  I wasted my time going. 


However, I went this last Thursday and TJM was just about 100% stocked, just like old times.  I didn't purchase anything, but sure happy to see they're on their way back.



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My TJMaxx has a few empty shelves but plenty of stuff to choose from.  

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my local Marshall's so empty I feared it was closing. they said shipping from east coast slow but expecting new merchandise and not closing. phew!

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The last time I visited was the day before lockdown mid-March to make returns.

I have a GC sitting in my wallet and was going to stop in but I do not need anything and will wait until mid August when I hope they will have fall decor and clothes available.

Definitely the longest I have ever gone without shopping at TJM/ Homegoods & Marshalls. Nice having one less monthly bill. I'm sure I have saved several hundred dollars and I hope I have developed new and better habits where shopping is concerned.

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I've been to Marshall's several times. I don't buy clothes there.

I was able to find the kitchen items I was looking for.  But there were quite a few bare shelves throughout the store. 

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All the stores around me closed a few years ago and I loved shopping there.

Marshalls, TJMaxx and the other one they owned.

Pier One also closed. 

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Haven't been yet.  I was at Kohl's awhile back and a woman I met there told me that when Marshall's first opened back up in our area it was terrible.  You had to wait in line to get in and then there was not much to pick from.  I am hoping now it will be better but  my thinking is I better go soon as with schools possibly opening soon, things will really get picked over!  

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I love the Marshall's Home Goods combo store. One stop shopping that can be very dangerous. Great prices too. 


That kind of shopping was stress relief and relaxing for me, just looking around and ending up with great bargains on what I needed, and things I didn't need but I just liked them.


Right now that shopping doesn't exist for me. The rules, the anxiety, all of it.


 I do need some new bed pillows..I'd prefer to look at those in a store. I have to go to the Comcast store too. But still now for me, my anxiety causes avoidance. I can't deal with other shoppers who have no regard for others in terms of covid.


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