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I haven’t been in my Marshall’s since February. I hope it & TJMaxx survive. I can almost always find a good deal on something in those stores. It might be clothing, shoes, housewares, beauty, or sweets. Most of the name brand wrap dresses I own came from Marshall’s or TJMaxx at really good prices.

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I went TJMax in the second week that the stores reopended. there was a lot of clearance items. But you cannot try any clothes on, the fitting rooms are closed. You can return clothes.


I went again last week and there were not as much clearance items.  

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yes! I've been to both and shelves, aisles are empty. It's almost as if time froze in March with the easter decor and spring clothing. I wonder if and when that will change?

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I went to our local Marshall's a week ago. They were unpacking loads of items, so I am sure they are getting back to normal soon. I adore Marshall's! 

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I have been to both, in upstate NY, and, too, noted the shelves were pretty empty.  There was stuff, but not as much as you'd normally see.  I think I may have purchased a top or two from clearance.


They will be back.  

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Re: Marshall's anyone???

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I was in my local Marshall's on Saturday. It was a very disappointing trip. There was little to no skincare/make-up/bodycare/haircare items.  


A lot of the clothing was clearly left over from winter and was marked on clearance.  Many of the summer items they had were very uninspiring.  Nothing struck me at all.  


Everything in every department was very picked over with the exception of handbags. They did have a lot of those, some designer brands.  The home goods area didn't have a lot in it.


The dressing rooms are closed and nothing is allowed to be tried on but you can return items.  I was told by a relative that TJMaxx is the same way.


A friend's daughter works at Old Navy and they aren't getting shipments in.  Most of their 4th of July merchandise like t-shirts didn't arrive until after the 4th.  Shipments they should have rec'd for the beginning of summer are just now arriving.   

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I went to Marshall's last week to return some items I had ordered online.The racks and shelves seemed stocked to me. I was looking for top coat nail polish and found it. Lots of beauty items in stock.I didn't need any clothes or shoes so I skipped those areas. 


The next day,they sent me a survery asking how my return process was,if I felt safe shopping and any improvements needed to make me return. I appreciated  that they cared for my opinion. 


And my returns were quarantined for 72 hours before being put back on the shelves.

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I drove by there recently and noticed the Marshall's parking lot was pretty empty. I dropped in before Christmas and there wasn't a lot of merchandise which surprised me. I hope it doesn't finish them off but it could since our Marshall's wasn't doing very well before the virus hit.

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We're in upstate NY, too, and Marshalls sure wasn't empty here.


I went shortly after they opened, and was thrilled to be among the shoppers picking everything over lol. I purchased a number of clothing items, and not one was more than $8--and they weren't even in the clearance aisle. Almost everything just had red 8-buck stickers affixed to the price tags. I don't know what their "seasonal" schedule is, but I'm assuming that they wanted to get rid of the summer inventory quickly. I was happy to help them out.


And they're still busy, if their parking lots are any indication.

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