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I ordered this dress in the saffron. MW cuts a superb dress with endless styling possibilities.

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Enjoy! The dress has endless versatility!


I do happen to agree it didn't look great on Colleen but I think it's because it was too big @LipstickDiva . With a style like that proper fit makes a huge difference

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Amy belted it and it looks fantastic!


She's on with Marla now

Amy isn't the first to belt it today.  When I see hosts and models belting anything, I figure the item is not for me!  lol


If you see something belted that means it's not for you?! That's a very confusing statement

Kind of like what @LipstickDiva  said  -- if it has to be belted to look good, then I don't want it.   I figure if the dress must be so voluminous that the thin models have to belt it to look good on them, it won't look good on me.