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I like some of Marla's clothing, especially her pants.  I have some of her toppers because I do like to conceal my body even did when I was tiny and fit.  That is just me.  I find her garments are well constructed with solid seams and details.  Nice to have options.

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Like Diane Gilman, she designs for her own body type.  I like looking at her clothes but zi never bought any, first because it's more than I want to pay

 And then because I don't care for the wide, flowy silhouettes in the tops.

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stopped at outlet today and spoke to manager because I was "curious" about the 2nds.


They do not sell 2nds they sell liquidated vendors and clothes in store are returns & overstock or samples.


So accept my "apologies" nothing for me in there and they had Marla Wynn which appears to be "thin knit material" not good for my style.



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@Foxxee wrote:

I think she does design clothing, particularly tops, for a certain body type...seems to me to be apple shaped.  Very common in women as they age.  


Her styles are not my preference, but I think she is an excellent designer.


First Marla purchase just received yesterday.... these faux suede pants in black on clearance.  Very surprised at the quality and how well they fit.  Nice heavier weight fabric for winter.  


CUSTOMER PICK Exclusive! MarlaWynne Faux Suede Straight-Leg Pant

On sale for $29.90.  



MarlaWynne Faux Suede Straight-Leg Pant

@Foxxee , These pants are by far the bet made pants I have seen in year.  i bought them in  carmel, black, gray and olive green.  Already received them and I was highly impressed by how they were made and the weight of the fabric.  These will be the ones I wear when I go ot in the winter.  I bought the faux suede ones at Drapers and Damons who are known for their quality garments and was very disappointed,  There is no way they can hold a candle to the ones from HSN.  I am surprisedd they have not sold out by now.  

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There is nothing matronly about these pants at all.  Now if you are looking for matronly try the pants from Alfred Dunner lol. Most elderly ladies love that brand of tops and pants.