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Makowsky. Tignanello, How do they compare to my beloved Dooney's?

Hi everyone!

Oh my gosh I just ordered a Makowsky tote to the tune of almost 300.00. I have only bought Dooney for the last twenty years (until they recently changed their hardware back to gold) I needed a grey bag....was eyeing the special value in red...but I just don't wear red, don't need another black and how they make leather in frosted colors worries me if they might eventually crack?

My concern is...spending this much money on Makowsky is spending as much as a designer and wonder if you could tell me about the quality. I also wonder about Tignanello? I had my eye on one of thiers which is only a little over a hundred dollars and all of us are in the midst of this deep recession I don't want to make a mistake.

Anyway, Can some of you fashionista's like myself help me out and tell me how they liked these other brands?? Thanks so much!!