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As someone who is at the beach quite often, I have wanted to come back here and comment about what I have and have not seen.


First:  So many of the vendors on here say, "you can wear this to the beach".  Well, either they don't have a clue or they are purposely misguiding the customer.  No one is wearing a dress on the beach.  This was a suggestion I heard about yesterday's TSV by LOGO.  Also, I have never seen anyone wearing a liquid knit cardigan, polyester crops, ankle pants, pedal pushers, or Clark's sandals.  They also aren't carrying designer totes or purses.  I am talking a beach on the gulf coast where this is a multitude of humanity enjoying the sun and surf.  I just had to mention this because I think of this everytime we go to the beach.


Another observation, which has nothing to do with fashion, is that more people are reading an actual physical book than e readers or devices. 


And last but not least, no one has a body that looks like the magazine pics.  Not even the teens.  Everyone has issues.  We all need to just get out there and enjoy life without worrying about the bumps and bulges. 

"Greater is the One living inside of me, than he who is living in the world."
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One person's beach!

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@tends2dogs   Yes, RV camping on the beach frequently, I've noticed the same observations and your conclusions have been pretty typical throughout the years.  If I'm reading outside, only a physical book will do...the sun on the screen is a challenge,  Mostly cover-ups are very causal unless you are in a resort area.  


Thank you for your last paragraph....self acceptance is a wonderful trait:

And last but not least, no one has a body that looks like the magazine pics.  Not even the teens.  Everyone has issues.  We all need to just get out there and enjoy life without worrying about the bumps and bulges. 


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Obviously, they are selling merchandise.  You aren't supposed to take every word they say liberally.   Lol.  As for beaches, all beaches are not the same just like all parks aren't the same and all people aren't the same.  The hosts are painting verbal pictures, they aren't giving marching orders on what we should wear and when we should wear it.  We aren't children.   I honestly don't care what other people wear on the beach.  I'm a fashionista so I'm dressed, accessorized and color coordinated wherever I go.  

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I wear dresses on the beach ALL the time!


I hate me in a bathing there might not even be one underneath, unless it is super hot and I might go in.


I also wear crops and pedal pushers.

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I see these outfits on the boardwalks at the beach.

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Thankfully, I'm nowhere near a beach.

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All very good info! I haven't been in years so definitely helpful and good reminder that no BODY is perfect! 

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@tends2dogs I agree with some parts of your statements, I have a home in the San Diego area and Kauai. People on these beaches have amazing figures, yep, I'm going to admit it, I'm a little jealous. But, I do workout every day and do the best I can and this is the body given to me so I will do the best I can with what I got.  I also see various attire from practically nothing to full pants, long rash guards, dresses (lots of beach dresses and my favorite to wear), and some even have designer totes. However, not too much polyester and cropped pants or Clark's. With that said my husband and I spend most of our time actually ON the beach with lots of sand. I think if you're at a beach with a boardwalk or sidewalk I would totally see cropped pants and a cardigan on the cooler days/evenings. 


I do see equal amounts of  both books and e-readers. I prefer a paper back book myself. I really don't see a problem with hosts "suggesting" an apparel item could be worn at the beach.  I've seen just about everything a person can see at a beach and I don't feel hosts are  stretching the truth with these recommendations.

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West coast beach person (specifically Oregon coast) - we are there frequently throughout the year (have a family house at the beach). As someone else wrote, there is AT the beach, meaning on the sidewalks, at restaurants & shops ... then there is ON the beach w/ the sand, the water, the wind and maybe some sunshine.


I have seen every imaginable get-up worn AT the beach and ON the beach. I'm actually very surprised when I see women wearing bathing suits anytime other than late July thru Labor Day. It's just not that hot here and the water is cold ALL the time.


See lots of crops, capri, long shorts, short shorts, dresses - both long and short, long pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, coats, Birkenstocks w/ socks, Birkenstocks w/o socks ... etc etc.


The beach is the one place I wear what I want w/o any self-conscious worries about what I look like. There is always someone who looks worse, someone who looks better and I give it zero thoughts. Going to the ocean brings me so much joy and peace. If someone thinks my spider veins mean I shouldn't wear shorts, well they can go for a long walk on a short pier. Smiley Happy