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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

@hennypenny wrote:

I wear an eight shoe. I got the small. They just fit. If I wore an 8 1/2 I would definately go for the large.

Thanks for the info....I purchased a pair of muk luks in the same sizing last year and the large was WAY too big (up to size 11 and I wear 81/2) and I felt (and looked) like I was walking around in clown shoes. I was thinking it would be the same with these. Bad sizing...should have at least 3 sizes not just 2..... S, M and L. Might just have to pass on these.

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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

@Whosits wrote:

Do they think we will believe that these will be warm? They say "faux sherling" like it's a big deal. Remember faux means fake. all of this cozy'a all polyester and acrylic etc. None of that is usually warm.


@Whosits , I'm one of the few who totally agree with you!  I suffer from super cold feet when the temps get low, and any slippers or socks made with "faux" anything really don't do me any favors!  My sister turned me on to REAL shearling, and there has been no looking back!  Wish I had known years earlier.  It's a good investment.  Real shearling lining keeps my feet both warm and DRY.  Smiley Happy

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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

I have them and yes they are warm... Not really sure why it's so hard to believe they can't be warm..

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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

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I bought some knock offs of Muk's last yr. at walmart and they were awful. they shrunk in the wash and you couldn't just slip them on the

yarn got twisted and you had to pull them that way and this way after you put them on to get them to be straight.  I ended up using them for dust gloves. LOL


Yesterday, I went to Kohl's and bought a pair of Muk's paid 18.00 for one pair. I don't have a Kohl's credit card so I didn't get any discount.


I'll buy one pair at a time till I can get 3 pair in rotation. Husband turns heat to 68' in winter, so, I need the best. I wear 8 1/2 too and got the small. Other size was L/XL and they were more for models feet.


Don't order from QVC unless it's just absolutely necessary. They're not the company they used to be.


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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

I wear fleece lined thermal cabin socks from BambooMN (out of Bloomington, MN).  Most recent purchase was 3 pairs for under $22.  They are warm, soft, no seam bothering me at the toes, easy on & off, no-skid silicone on the bottom, and cute. I own the top three pairs.  I think I got them from Amazon or BambooMN's website (I cannot remember). 



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Re: MUK LUKS Chenille Cabin Sock

I would size up. I have some I got some last year. QVC and Walmart, they were the same but they do shrink. They're nice and cozy but you can buy them anywhere.