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@junera wrote:

I do love black and grey always but I wish one more basic color would return....dark brown is MIA!  I really do not like the rose brown currently in the Denim & Co line.  For spring it would be nice to see a return of soft blue, pink, yellow and mint green.  The limited colors I suppose help with less inventory but fashion needs to be not boring.

I agree..........dark brown (not chocolate which is a lighter brown...)  deep navy...(not the bright navy or lighter blues they call navy)  true burgundy....(not wine todays TSV looks more purple-ish then wine)  dark grey (not the lighter or dove grey).............hunter green (love it...never see much of anything on Q in that is alway 5 different shades of olive..........) or dark camel...todays TSV looks more gold then camel.................

the other seven months of the year have the pastels, florals, brighter colors!!...........I get excited for the  winter 

traditional colors!

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I bought a ton of pale blue, pale pink and blush pink from QVC and Evine this year.  More than I really needed but my summer handbags are blush and pale blue, so I just kept buying.  QVC has a lot of brown too.  It sounds like you are just looking at what they show on tv, which is limited.  That's why prefer searching for what I want on the website.