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Did like Shawn's hair other day. Growing hair out not easy. In process myself, Thankfully hairstylist knows what to do. Haven't experienced bad hair day yet. Keeping fingers crossed. 🤗


@Sweet_Serenity  Growing out layered pixie, myself. Seems to take forever...stylist keeps wanting to cut neckline until sides catch up, but I’ve refused. Yep, mullet!


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As an aside, the white t-shirt Shawn had on was a Danica Patrick that she ordered from HSN.  She posted on Instagram that her closet and credit card just melted.  

marketing ploy


I'd bet that before the merger or whatever we are calling it even if a host had ordered from H they wouldn't admit on air or SM 



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Oh please. There were 3 tops, a jacket, and a cardigan on last night. Two of the tops were tunic length, The Anybody tunic is meant to go over leggings. The jacket and cardigan were regular length. There’s plenty for you to choose from.
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First, I know this will sound very harsh; but not intended.


As a tall lady tunics are great for me.  It's the age old statement.  "Petite ladies can hem while tall ladies can't."

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I really love long tunics, but I can understand for those that do not.


Just too much Shawn. just ugh!

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I’m tall so I love tunics. However everything should be made to accommodate petites too. 

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@DREAMON, it's on clearance for $19.95 from $49.90.  They have other colors beside the white but not a lot left in various sizes.


Warrior by Danica Patrick Sequin Pocket Tee

I went on waitlist for the gray and black. I really like the white and might order it. If it is too see through I will return it. I am not one to layer so I won't wear it if something has to be worn under it.

Thanks for the tip!!!!

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That top is all over HSN’s eBay store. It wasn’t in stock on HSN’s site in my size, but I found it on eBay.
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Does anyone know what earrings Shawn wore last night. Beautiful.