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I think they're cute



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I think it's just plain silly to take one item out of a line - whether you think it's a miss or not - and  conclude the entire brand is  moving away from what it's always sold, as the OP does in her original post.  "Looks like they're moving away from the very tailored, too preppy styles."


I would merely conclude it's trying to reach a broader audience by offering more varied styles, not conclude that it's done with its previous image and styles.  Esp. by just looking through one catalog and not venturing into the stores over a period of time.  

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@Ms tyrion2 wrote:

@ECBG wrote:

It's a hard style for most ladies to wear.


Think of it.  How often does a woman say she's


"happy with her hips?????"!!!  


Image result for jessica rabbit image



Raising my hand. I am perfectly content with the way my hips look.  Let's not paint all women with such a broad brush

@Ms tyrion2 ITA. 

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Talbots actually has quite a variety of styles, all under the "classic-y" umbrella. I buy most of my clothing there, as do a few other ladies here, but I would bet that our closets look NOTHING alike! We all pick and choose the pieces that speak to us and work with our figures/lifestyles, and I don't think there's a ton of overlap.

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This is the photo from the Talbots website.  I think it says it all.




I just don't see how anyone would feel this was a flattering silhouette.

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@Trinity11 wrote:

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So glad so many of you don't like Talbots!  I love them and have thoroughly enjoyed the clothing deals during Red Hanger.


Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. There are some styles there which are truly classic and then there are some which have changed slightly with the times such as lace up crops this spring and the ruffles now.  Have you not noticed the ridiculous ruffles on hosts this week on cold arm (not just shoulder) tops this week?  I certainly would not wear those but I'm not trashing it. 


There is nothing from several brands on Q that I would ever wear even if you paid me - Logo and C. Wonder for me are no way but Halston, Isaac, Linea and some Susan Graver are great.  It's the styles which don't suit my style.


No need to trash anything you don't like. I know Logo would look ridiculous on me and that is why I would never wear it.  But if someone likes it then guess what, there is room for that.  If someone marches to their own drum and likes something we don't like then ok or if someone likes the ruffles then who are we to judge them?  But I guess in this society today, we too often want to put others down.  Just thinking we might want to stay a little more kind to each other.  I probably wouldn't wear the ruffles but it does remind me of a memory and an outfit when I was 10 and would likely make me feel that young again.


How strange. You claim you put don't judge or put others down. Well good for you. However, what is There is nothing from several brands on Q that I would ever wear even if you paid me - Logo and C. Wonder for me are no way.


People have opinions on this forum. Just because someone dislikes a store you love shopping in is not a personal affront to your taste. It's an opinion and if it is unwelcome here the moderator will remove it.



LOL ....  while most women are pretty clear on what they like and what looks good on them, it's rather surprising how many think they are fashion experts!   This is a do and this is a don't ..... oi vey.   I say to each their own.   What a concept, eh?