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@kittyloo I love the coat too. And the outfit.

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@greeneyedlady wrote:


That's what she wore on Colbert's show, per the Youtube video.  She must have been going to or coming from his show.

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I was going to say it is still abit to cold for strappy sandles in the NYC area


@DebbieDD wrote:
Love her but the red hat society outfit??, not so much. I also don’t get those strappy sandals in 40 degree weather...


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Lupita dresses well. I like her clothing choices. 

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Beautiful woman inside and out, she always looks fashionable and put together no matter what she wears !  Classy woman, great actress!

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that is a WOW look! everything she is wearing she is wearing well. fantastic look for her.

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I love everything about that outfit.  I won't be seeing her new movie, scarier than heck.

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@blackhole99 wrote:

Wasn't she on one of the late night talk shows sporting gold contact lens? I saw her for a seconds and it was a very weird look, but she loved the look and just laughed about it.



It was on Stephen Colbert, The Late Show, and she wore them to advertise her new movie, Us, since that is how the "alternate" woman looked.

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Lupiita always looks stunning.  Her skin is absolutely gorgeous and she wears colors well.  I'm adding"Us" to the list of scary movies I won't see although I would love. I fear the nightmares that would start.

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The colors work but the style of the shoe doesn't match the outfit which I like.


Wasn't it Marilyn Manson that started the freaky contact lens trend?