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Saved me time looking through the stuff.  I don't wear IM.

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Re: Lunchtime Specials all IM

@ALRATIBAThat's pretty much how I treated the pile of color ads that arrived with my morning news.  I tossed each of them into the recycle before I carried the rest of my paper into the house.  What's on sale anywhere rarely sends me shopping nowadays -  I am working hard to shop from my needs list although I know here and there I also have a few wants.


Ever since I decided to quit buying jewelry (almost 7 years now!), I've also found I have better control of my other wardrobe buying.  I haven't kept the jewelry to absolutely nothing, but I was spending more in a month back then than I've spent in these last 6++ years.  Clothes have been more difficult - especially because I've lost about 55 pounds, but I'm just not letting sales tell me I need to buy.  Seems like there's always a sale somewhere.


I did watch some of the IM/Rachel hours this morning while I updated my email.  In the past I probably would have ordered his new jean jacket, but I know I truly don't need one so I passed.  Don't need any tops and would never wear the TSV!  All done with clothes for the whole month of March already!