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I wore low riders for decades because I thought they looked best on me.  I'm short (5'2) and skinny.  Then I tried on a pair of jeans that fit at my waist -- OMG!  they smoothed my torso and I looked thinner than I am!  My shirts and tops fit better, and I sometimes tuck now.  I never tucked my low riders.   So it all depends on the person, her individual shape, etc. 



Same here about high waisted jeans.  They look best on me.  My upper and lower body is in proportion.  Tops do fit better and they are best if you tuck in tops.  I currently just wear high and mid rise.  I never liked the low ones

@Songbird1, that is very much a personal view. I much prefer the no-tuck look.

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Does it matter what jean style is “in” right now?  They all come back around in one way, shape, or form anyhow. Just wear the style that looks good and works for you.


I have never looked at a woman and said “omg, her jeans are so outdated”.

There are so many styles and colors to choose for basically any body type, height,

 age group or whatever else one can come up with to determine what they want for themselves.


Fit and Flatter - that is what matters. Not what is “in”. 





There was a time, not too long ago, where you were limited as to what the available jean waistline might look like but no longer! The sky's the limit and I wear what I like! The OP seems to put a lot of stock in what's trending, which is certainly her prerogative, but I don't care what's trending. I wear what I like. And that's not to say I won't wear something that's trending if I like it I'll try it!

I like a high-rise in a light-weight trouser but in denim, which is heavier, I prefer a lower waistline. I like the way it looks and it feels more comfortable