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Black/white dress is ugly! But the multi-colored dress pictured is absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could find this to wear to my sons garden wedding this summer.

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It's not cheap, but it is Rag & Bone.  I have an upcoming event and it would be perfect.  I'm thin with small breasts.  So it won't be a problem going braless, but I think the dress has a soft "shelf" for that problem.   I'll probably not buy it.  I'm still looking, but I do love a floaty dress.  And spaghetti straps are the new thing in clothing now

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@QueenDanceALot wrote:

Great dress!


I think the sneakers with it is a young and hip way to wear it, but I don't think I would wear it that way.


Maybe because I'm not young and hip.


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Yeah.  This is an age wear Van sneakers are haute Couture.

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The dress is pretty, but it is revealing too much skin for me - the low neckline, low back, and the slit would make me self-conscious and uncomfortable.

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@Zita wrote:

Now this is a dress! If i had a wedding to go to or a garden party, I'd be tempted. Is it pricey!

@Zita, it's $595.00. 

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@Adamlambert wrote:

image.jpegI like an opposite style.   

Glad we are not all alike!!


I love this dress too.


I guess I'm opposite of myself!


That might explain a few things.......

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I like both dresses; I don't believe one precludes the other...

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I like the dress but not the would have to be very slim to wear it...especially showing all that skin....something i could never wear....not fond of the colorful dress...

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Where would one find the floral dress?

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floral dress is on style $70.  Silk. 


Sorry, didn't meant to get away from the op.  


Im small breasted and find that double sided tape is amazing for keeping things hidden!