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~Louis Vuitton handbags~

I am looking for opinions (good or bad) on the following Louis Vuitton handbags. Also, if you know of any handbag forums I would greatly appreciate that information as well (i.e. like the makeupalley forum for cosmetics).

- Speedy 30 or 35 (looking for a mid-large size handbag). I've heard that the Speedy lacks structure though. Is this true? I tend to like a little structure in my handbags.

- Alma

- Retiro PB

- Tivoli GM

Also, it seems like all of the above styles lack any kind of organization inside (pockets, etc.). How do you like/dislike that aspect? Maybe a "purse organizer" (like QVC sells) would be a useful purchase? I don't have a Louis Vuitton anywhere near me. So, should I decide to purchase it will be from the Louis Vuitton website. And, of course being such an expensive purchase I want to make sure to choose wisely Smile Thanks ladies! Have a good day.