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Looks like they are adjusting inventory to better match demand.

Despite some of the issues with the most recent show, I noticed that the items from the previous show are all in stock in most colors and sizes - the herringbone pieces, pull on pleated skirt, scarf and paisley print pieces, the safari jacket and matching pants, the plaid jacket which everyone had to have but somehow missed out on at the time... etc., etc., Of course it is difficult to match up inventory to demand completely and there will be some who will miss out, I think they are getting closer. As a business I can see how they would not want to get stuck with unncessary inventory. So, while some may have missed out initially, FOR THE MOST PART, they can certainly get those items now.

I know I for one no longer play into the craziness. Do not stay up late or set the alarm for 4 am shows. Order the morning of the show when it is convenient to me. If I don't get something, so be it and honestly have not had a problem getting just what I want within a couple of weeks. There will clearly be fewer pants ordered likely due to the larger percentage of returns which seem to go hand in hand with pants. As others have pointed out on various threads, those are never reordered. So while there are clearly major issues with quality control on all fronts, shipping, fullfillment, etc., I think the inventory issue is in fact getting better.