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Hey Susan,

I am in need of your essentials (or lustra) knit pants that have a "long" leg and "regular" rise pants. All the tall pants sold on QVC are too long in the rise (stride) but the inseam is great in "tall" length. I am able to wear the "tall" length, but have to roll the waistband down a couple of times when it is elastic but cannot do so when it has a zipper. So therefore, there can be no tucking of tops when the wrong side is showing at the waist. Can you help me please???{#emotions_dlg.rolleyes}

I am a long time wearer of your clothes and I love all the liquid knit tops that I have purchased. The only thing I would suggest is not to put so much embellishments on the tops. It weighs the necklines down and you cannot wear your pretty necklaces with the tops.

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I completely agree about the regular rise and long legs. It's hard to find sometimes in other brands also.

Don't like heavy embellishments on the necklines either. I prefer no embellishments as I like wearing my own jewelry and showing it off.

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Amen!!! I so agree. Would love to see talls in SG pants. They even look too short on the models. Can their stylist not see this? Also agree about the rise. Love the tall D&C French terry pants but the rise is up to under my breasts.