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I did buy a couple tops from Logo in the beginning.....but I agree with a lot of people that the color combinations and the weird clothing isn't for everyone.  The prices are way too high for what she is presenting....they need to come down.  Lately it looks as though her clothes are becoming a litte more conservative looking and it would be nice if she would have styles for older women without all the ruffles, jagged hems, etc.

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My exact thoughts!  Many of these outfits look like "clown costumes". I would never put some of these patterns together in a million years!  

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@cinderella31 wrote:

My exact thoughts!  Many of these outfits look like "clown costumes". I would never put some of these patterns together in a million years!  

When I worked retail, we used to "joke" (but seriously think this)...we'd say it's what the factories came up with to use the scraps of material for to save waste. And Voila' another "fashion trennnnd." Um. ok.


That being said...some people did a few cute "mixed media" things well. But...a little of that goes a lonnnnng way. And Lori's been successful selling it like hotcakes I'll give her that, making a nice living. But...J'nuf already!!


 And yes...some of it is just clownishly slapped together and called "fashion."

In my opinion, of course.


"Something for everyone", ok. Not moi'.

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In my humble opinion, Lori looked 'silly' tonight..did not like her clothing combination choice.

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Ah....what is with the "old woman" clothing stereotyping? Women of any age can choose to wear whatever they like. (Mic drop)!

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Second mid drop!!!

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Most of her tops are just one and done. Can’t wear them too often , or at least I wouldn’t. It’s like oh, she has that top on again! Or I guess layer something new under it or over it to change it up but it’s not really my gig.  Some people can pull it off though. I have bought a pair of her jeans tho and the fit was great.

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This thread turned into a bit of LOGO bashing. Can't we all just agree that if it is not for you then don't buy it? Not everyone's taste is the same.

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I qualify as an “older woman” and I wear LOGO.

(Not everything she sells has jagged hems and/or ruffles.)
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I have worn some Logo pieces over the years and still do.  Mainly I wear mostly her tops with my leggings.   I've stopped buying her line, first because I have too much in clothing but second, I have found that I've had to trash a few (not from overwear) they just started forming holes in the thin material.   I'm very careful with laundry too, so I have found it's the quality of the material.  I still have many pieces and I do like her and her designs but you have to admit sometimes the way she puts those layers together?????

It's a big no for me, DH calls her Logo Hobo, LOL........he's just being funny don't take offense!