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Well I'm finally done I have two tops with lace and satin from her that I love I ordered the top with the camo tank underneath I ordered smoky taupe it was dark purple, made in China cheap fabric that was awful.  I also ordered the spruce top with the grey tank again horrible fabric made in China so I spend $6 to get them and I'll spend $7 to send them back.  I feel her quality has gone down, down down.  The tops look good on TV but it person these two were awful abd to boot they were $70 plus tax each.  I hope I've learned my lesson.  

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@mollybrownmom,Look at IC at Dillard's.  Truly beautiful and the fabrics aren't tissue thin!

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@mollybrownmom.  You said you liked your 1st 2 purchases from Lori.  You might check the fabric content on those and if it is different from the ones you do not like stick to what works.  I also found I do not care for some of her fabrics.  I tried others and have found I like those with cotton or cashmere blends.  They have washed well so far.  


In fairness to Lori there are other designers on QVC who use similar fabrics.  They may be easy care but I do not like the feel of the fabric.  I feel like I am wearing a slip.  It is cold to the touch in winter and air conditioning.  Also they say they don't wrinkle but they all do even when dried on a hanger or removed early from the dryer and finish on hanger.  I have narrowed down the fabrics that work for me.   Have fun with your purchases and wear what you enjoy.

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I might add the pilling issue.   This weekend I washed several of her tops and Graver and Simonton.  The Simonton ones still look like new. No fabric breakdown.  Graver is absolutely horrible and Logo pills also.  Just my experience. 

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You have to check the fabric chart before you purchase.  I made the mistake of odering a top (not hers) and did not check the fabric.  Logo uses cheap fabrics and she is asking $70 for a top (I don't think so).  I have not seen any women wearing her clothes in my immediate and surrounding area.  Cat Very Happy 

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I don't have pilling with her tops.  That being said, I am now hating the rayon/spandex ones due to the wrinkling.

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I never ever had Graver fabrics pill.

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