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The logo beach to street dress is very cute and pretty colors however, the middle colorblock hits right smack at the hip/rear area.  That would not flatter a pear shape like me.  Too bad the dress did not also come in solid colors!

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I'm not a fan of LOGO but was curious about this dress.  Agree, would not look good on a pear shape which I also am.  Plus those pockets, which I love having in a dress, make it worse.  Not to mention the price for a simple dress??!!!!




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It was cute. I didn't buy it as I already own too many dresses that I have nowhere to wear. I worry (mostly in my head) about these tie-dye items she has that have lighter & darker colors, that during the wash the darker dye colors might cause the lighter colors to become dingy.

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♥Surface of the Sun♥
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Very pretty....I like the colors.

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I don't have this dress, so I'm not speaking to that particular item.


However, I've had it happen repeated with other dip-dye garments.  The colors migrate and became muddled.  


For that reason, I stopped buying such clothing.  It was beautiful, then I washed it.  Maybe the process has improved from the past, but mine always changed.

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That dress is so cute but $70 is alittle excessive for me.  I do have something similar that I purchased elsewhere and it was much cheaper.  I do find myself wearing it alot in the summer.