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If you haven't read my last post on the "I know my measurements... I need garment sizing" thread, I'll repost it here.

I just received this answer to the email I sent today. {#emotions_dlg.blink} I'm sorry, but if they can't even use proper grammar, let alone the fact that this person has no idea what we're talking about, I think we're in trouble. I replied and told them exactly what I thought about this answer, in a very nice way, of course. Smile

Thank you for emailing QVC.
> I am sorry for any confusion regarding the size chart for A262191. The size
> chart has just been relocated. Under the video, there is a 4 icons. One of
> them says sizing. Click on that to see the size chart.
> In regards to A262180, it is the same thing, the size chart is below the
> video. We understand that you would need the chart to refer to.
> I hope this information is helpful and thank you for the opportunity to
> address your inquiry today.

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Think this is what they're talking about "4 icons".


About the Brand


Delivery Date Estimate

This is what I want to see:

For more detailed Fit and Sizing information, please refer to the Sizing tab above. To see the specific garment measurements for this item, click here.

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If that is the denim blazer, I liked that very much too. But I have not had luck with ordering any type of jacket, it seems that I order them too small or too large. So I end up sending the back. I did enjoy the show with Amy and Linda today. I usually don't get to watch. Amy is very stylish.

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