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Lisa was trying so hard to make that tunic or whatever it was look nice. I did not work, it does look like a lopsided bathrobe. It is hideous as most of her clothing line is.

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The black one she pulled from the rack was way too big for her so didn't look flattering at all yet I thought the gray she came on air in looked great. It really appealed to me but I like drapey tops, or at least this one. I have a few tops from her line that are really fabulous but can't say I like everything or even the majority. Don't know a single designer however that I could say I liked everything in their line. There will always be hits and misses.

Different strokes for different folks, as the saying goes~

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I can see why it would not be flattering on some, but I am leaning toward liking it as a topper over leggings/slim pants and form-fitting top. This style is available elsewhere. I saw this version in linen at Soft Surroundings. Sorry the pic is so small.

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It looked as though it would wrinkle badly.

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I vote for the bathrobe. (and I find her odd - not comfortable watching)

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I actually liked the look although not being tall and stick thin, I could not carry it off. However, in every close up, it looked really wrinkled and that would drive me crazy. Not a great fabric.

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On 2/9/2015 Mtnbikegirl said:
IOn 2/9/2015 Ceci said:

The way it sags in the front looks like the models buttoned the tunic in the wrong button hole. Looks like a sack in front and very unflattering when they turn sideways. JMO

I looked over at my dog, and he had this guilty look on his face...I asked him if he styled the models in that tunic??? It sure looked like it. I agree with your statement 100%!!

This is the first Lisa R item I didn't like. She normally has very nice clothing in her line!

Your dog would have done a much better job in designing then what was shown yesterday.