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Wow has this non-natural, non-breathing fabric gotten ridiculously expensive - more than cotton modal.  Someone is trying to make a bunch of money on this synthetic material that IMO is completely dated and quite frumpy.  Would love to see all those pretty prints on cotton modal.  SG keeps saying everyone is asking for more natural fibers, then why are we seeing perhaps just one new natural fiber item in her weekly shows?

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Glorified polyester it is, sadly Susan's claims are disingenuous at best 

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I used to think like you .But I have her liquid knit from years ago .I have just worn it on a long haul flight for 24 hrs .

It does not crease and keeps you cool .I did not think it would but I wear it for these occasions .

I have linen , pure  100% cotton tops , and they crease and stick to you .They are ok for short days , but if I wore them for long trips I would be a crinkled mess 

I do not wear liquid knit often , but it does last for yrs and washes really well never shrinks or pills .

But I still love my linen for the summer , have full outfits and love how light it is 

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@just wonder   @nycalady    What are your credentials for judging the quality of any fabric?  Are you privy to the figures on the wholesale price of polyester fabric?  What do you know about the different qualities of this fabric.  Polyester is not just one grade and Liquid Knit is a very high quality, especially compared to what other Q vendors are selling. 


I live in the desert where summers are very hot.  I find Liquid Knit to be perfectly light and comfortable to wear.  Have you bought and worn it?


Cotton modal is all about wrinkling and ironing.  Do you enjoy that also?  I won't buy it. 

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I own quite a few liquid knit tops,that I purchased some years back. They never crease or pill. They wash & dry easily. I never feel hot in them.

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I have my fair share of liquid knit.  I LOVE liquid knit dresses.  I also have tops, skorts, and some pants.  But, wearing it and being outside with full sun and humidity, it is HOT.  And it will stick to me.


Susan claims her liquid knit is better that other polyester/spandex blends.  I don't necessarity agree with that.  I have the same blends from other brands, and frankly, I don't see a difference whatsoever.  Susan sure is a big talker, like we all know.

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I guess you have to try it to see.

Like others, I have gotten Susan's liquid knit and I usually can't stand most fabrics except cotton, linen, or rayon, but I've got to say liquid knit is one of my favorites.


I am never hot in it and I'm usually always hot. It is very cooling.


It is very breathable surprisingly.


It doesn't wrinkle.


Washes and dries beautifully, and doesn't shrink.


Looks like new forever.


Does not show "lumps and bumps" but drapes nicely unlike all these stretchy fabrics lately.


I would keep buying it but I also agree that the prices are quite high. I think they are too high.


I may be wrong but I'm pretty sure I have cotton modal shirts from various places and to me they are hot and not breathable even though I've read that they are good in warmer weather. It may be because many include spandex? 


I guess we each are all different when it comes to fabrics.



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Liquid knit is my absolute favorite fabric.  And SG is my favorite vendor!  I have a closet full of liquid knit and love the easy care. When I'm looking to buy a new top (or even summer pants), my first search is always for liquid knit (Susan's liquid knit, that is.  Not sure if there are others.)

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Agree with OP. Have never liked liquid knit. To me, it looks cheap and hangs poorly on the body.

I dont wear poly and synthetic bkends. Doesn't breath. 

Ditto for cotton w/ Modal. Doesn't breath either.

I like cotton. I line dry and don't care about 2 minutes of ironing.









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Hmm I have a lot of liquid knit tops and two sleeveless knee length dresses. It works for me in the Florida summer, all year round actually. Travels well. All of my pieces are solid colors so that I can accessorize many ways. Do I look frumpy? Beats me. I'm 71, so maybe I do. ?? All I know is, I'm well groomed and presentable in any outfit that I wear. My hair is cute and my sense of humor is intact. 
That's the best I can do. 

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