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I know we don't talk a lot about lingerie and sleepwear, but it's always nice when someone shares news of a great haul. I picked up a shopping bag full of items from Macy's today. My haul included 2 lounge dresses; a knit wrap; a shorts pj set; 2 robes (a long and short one); and 2 Wacoal bras. The highest priced items were the Wacoals at $40 each. Nothing like a great sale to bring that much home for (including tax) $200.

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I LOVE Macy's and tomorrow begins the One Day Sale. I'll be there at 8:00 am when the store opens.

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I am heading to Macy's this afternoon after my dentist appointment, have not been they in eons

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I used my 25% Macy's discount last week to get 3 new bras, 2 short pj outfits, 5 pairs of underwear, and one of those Jockey Slip Shorts. My bill was about $125.

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Great deals!

What s Macy's One day Sale? Sounds like it may be my kind of sale...

I am looking for bargains, too. I'm going through sizes and, with the exception of bras, lingerie gets neglected.

I've found some things at ross lately, including "wear your own bra" shaping camis for about $8, underwear for about $3 each, and a shortie PJ set for $6.49. Bought on discount day & got 10% more off.

Soma has a sale right now with some bras reduced to $19 & I hope to get one. I also need to check out Wacoal bras at Macy's.