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Linea by Louis Dell'Olio just received it.

A94734 is a scoop knit top with smocked waist, Magenta color and it is fabulous. Fits perfect, wearing this top Christmas Eve.

A94735 are the elastic pull-on magenta pants. They ran a little large so I downsized on the pants but got the top my normal size.

I also purchased at Bar Necessities a brick panty hose that matches the magenta outfit perfectly.

I have a silk magenta scalf with looped, curved edging (about 12 yrs. old) matches exactly - tossed over shoulder with a large gold pin placed precisely, catching the eyes of my colleagues as I saunter into the ballroom, WAIT, heck wait, I'm going to family members house sorry for Cinderilla story.

Just had to tell you girls that Louis Dell'Olio is now my favorite designer at QVC. He is an extrodinary degisner, mostly in details, expensive looking fabrics - I love this kindly gentleman.

This was my first purchase from Louis and that is only because of you Gals, however, rest a sure I shall return.