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Linea Nostalgia: Silk/Cotton Turtleneck A32604

While many of us are lamenting the lack of stock, colors, etc. on the newer Linea "whisperknit" turtleneck sweater, I just pulled out one of my favorite Linea turtlenecks from about three or four years ago: A32604, a 55 percent silk, 45 percent cotton blend that originally came in about six colors. Much to my surprise, the picture and information is still online at the Q even though it is long ago sold out with no reorders available.

Take a look at it and read the description. Here is a long link to it or you can just search for the item number, A32604:^A32604,frames^y,from^se,cm_scid^is...

THIS is the turtleneck that the Linea Ladies should be begging, pleading and SHOUTING to have return to the Linea line! Yes, the newer one is nice and I have it in multiple colors, but it is nothing in comparison to the silk/cotton blend sweater. My only regret is that I only have it in three colors. I should have ordered it in all colors, and in multiples of the basics like black! It is that good.

I've reached the point of trying to preserve the ones I have and will only wear them on 'special' occasions. Don't want to risk cooking splatters, snags, etc.

This is really a special sweater that was offered for a ridiculously low price. I'd gladly pay much much more to have it return to the Linea line.