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Linea Ladies, What Did You Wear for the Christmas Holiday?

I started out wearing my Linea forest green velvet tunic and pants to our Christmas Eve Eucharist, which ends just as Christmas Day begins. I wore the gold ball necklace, a wide gold cuff bracelet, diamond wedding set, and my rubellite and diamond ring on my right hand. Under the pants I had my knee hgh wool socks which I wore with black ankle boots. Everyone thinks that my full length faux chinchilla coat is REAL, not a good thing at far as I am concerned!

Christmas Day I wore my red Linea sweater with the matte gold sequin swirls with black velvet jeans. Wool knee high socks of course, and as we didn't leave the house, I wore black leather mules for most of the day. Right before dinner I put on the gold ball necklace and the black and gold cuff bracelet with double hoop gold earrings. My Christmas Cracker paper crown was also gold, so it went well wit the sweater!

I am still in my pink nightgown and new pink robe, but will get dressed in a bit to cross the mountain for pizza and movies at DD's this evening. I will wear the black velvet jeans again with my Linea silk and cashmere T-neck and a black wool faux fur and Alpine-looking ribbon trimmed vest. On it I will wear the purple silk rosette that DS and my "almost" gave me.

The Linea I gave DD and my "almost" were a HUGE hit! We have two new Linea Ladies! My "almost" squealed with delight upon seeing the embroidered burgundy cardigan, ran across the room to kiss me, and immediately put it on. I must say she looks stunnng in it with her black hair and very pale skin with all the vibrant colors of the embroidered flowers. I took several pictures of her in it for future reference and future Linea gifts.