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I don’t wear much pink, but I think they are really cute for Spring & Summer. 

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@Songbird1 wrote:

@sharke wrote:

wouldn't be long enough for that model either. I wear a 28 and I'm 5'5

That chick would need a tall


Love them wish they would be in elastic waist though I don't do zippers and buttons. Leave that to the men LOL

I'm the same height.  These are ankle jeans though.  I did get this one from 3X1.  The Jesse Straight  29" length.  Pretty much the same jean in measurement, though this has a double yoke.


Also at Shopbop on sale .  Slightly different color.


Wow I really LOVE these!  Is there sizing info correct on this site/brand? Never heard of them at all....but I love the design.  Being 5' 4" they could work for me in 29 but I usually like a 30 better to be honest.

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I like the pink jeans.  I would like a lighter pink top or tee with them.  PInk is a big color this year for spring/summer.

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Yes I would wear these.