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Several better catalogs in 2014 had very classic tartan plaids offered in different ways and different types of clothing items, also some used plaids as trim. I was wondering why Susan Graver's designers and others on QVC did not jump on that bandwagon, as it seemed fresh and flattering to almost everyone. how about for 2015 Fall line--will you consider?

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I love plaids! Denim & Co had a plaid short-sleeved shirt that I might have bought in several colors, except it had the tank "insert" stitched in to make it look like two pieces, and many of the reviews had bad things said about that insert. I didn't want to spend the money for a two-fer look and then have to cut the tank insert out. So I didn't buy.

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Yes, would love a cool plaid for next winter
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I like plaids, but I also like dots too, but the right size dots and please don't go crazy with the dots (or the plaids, for that matter).