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Want a new pair or two of black leggings. I can wear them to work if they are thick enough and I pair them with the right tunic and boots. But which leggings? I've had expensive ones that bunch at the knee and cheap ones that are too thin. I need one that's just right.
Any thoughts?
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I have black leggings by both Spanx and Yummie that I love, substantial knit and no bagging. I size up in both, usually XXS/XS/S here, I buy M in both of those brands. Wonderful.

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I like Spanx and Logo leggings.  In Logo I order my regular xxs size and in Spanx xs.  No knee bags in either of these.

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My favorite leggine is Linea. It sells out quickly and isn't always in stock but they are great!  They are not see thru. They wash well and last forever. Whenever I see them in inventory, I stock up.  I live in these things.

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my favorites are the women with control leggings and the yummie leggings. they are my absolute favorites. monroe and main also makes a nice legging and that comes pretty close to my top two, but my top two come in a nice selection of colors also.

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J Jill also makes a nice legging.  Not too thin and they wash up very well.

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I have a thing for Yummie leggings.  She just had a great TS last week, two pair, one boot cut one straight or $49.99.  As a matter of fact my box just arrived . Check out HsN site they may still be offered at a lower than norm price.. Love the tanks and jeans too. I'm home so this is my "uniform". If I want I can workout and if I need to go out quick I throw a sweater on over it.  IMHO they look better do give a nice "hug".

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@mstyrion 1 wrote:

J Jill also makes a nice legging.  Not too thin and they wash up very well.

*********Thanks!  I had no idea!

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Land's End Starfish leggings-