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Has anybody gotten Legacy Leggings and noticed an order - dye or mold like odor? i just received three pairs and they all have an odor. I love the cargo leggings but if they don't air out i'm returning them. 

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Re: Legacy Leggins....ODOR????

@GirlCantDance.  It sounds like you got an imported product with the dreaded musty odor.  It's most commonly found on blue denim but can occur on anything.  I had it on a Graver necklace on a leather cord.


The only thing that will get rid of it is treatment with a super de-odorizer.  Some report good results with Febreeze.  I used Don Aslett's  X-O Deodorant.  Airing or washing will not help.

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Re: Legacy Leggins....ODOR????

After airing them out in a fresh-air place (not in direct sun), then wrap them all the way around in newspaper newsprint.

For a couple of weeks.


But, if you don't want to do that, I'd return them.


Now-a-days, it takes a lot of patience because there are odors on just about everything, and everywhere.


Especially dryer sheet odors.  Which brings me to:


If you want to hear an interesting real life, true  story...........We were walking in our local community center one early evening....there was some sort of small event in one of the rental rooms and several people were congregated along one side, sitting on benches, etc.


The odor was streaming our way..........very strong dryer sheet odor from their clothing.  


We weren't walking very close......'say' about the distance of across a regular 2 lane street.  


'Well', 'Odors here, odors there, odors just about everywhere'.

'More or less', 'Right or wrong', 'In general', and 'Just thinking out loud ' (as usual).