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So agree! Leah always looks fabulous with the extra weight and minus the extra weight but she seems happier to me at her currently slim version of herself and for me that always gets my vote. She is a fav for sure❤️

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she is not being mean, she is just giving her opinion, i too think leah needs to gain a little weight in her face,

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@NJgirl 1205 wrote:
I think Leah is around 60. She looks amazing! I don’t think she looked older at all as a matter of fact actually younger. Extra weight tends to look matronly, as it did on her. Maybe people are just not used to the new her but I prefer the svelt and healthy Leah😉

I would think Leah was in her early 50s. Not 60. 

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I am 63 and in the past few years have lost 60+ pounds. My face looks thinner and more wrinkled, but I’d rather be thin than chubby. I don’t intend to have any sort of plastic surgery, I’ll just live with it. 

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@AngelLove2 wrote:
I know I am in the minority, but I prefer Leah's rounder face. It fit her personality. Am not attacking her character but expressing an opinion. I don't care for the new hairdo and the thinner face ages her, IMO. We all see things differently.

I agree.  She looks older now.  It’s a hard balance.  I kept losing weight after I hit my goal.  I was so afraid of going back the other way.  My husband is going through that right now.  My family came for Christmas and they said they weren’t used to a skinny grandpa.  We both count points.  My husband will find his ideal weight like I did.  The hard part, as Leah knows, is keeping the weight off.   

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I think when people are first losing weight, their faces don't look as good, but eventually they do fill out and look better.  I think she looks wonderful.  

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Leah looks stunning and so happy! She is professional and has no agenda when presenting other than assuring we receive all pertinent information on a product. 

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Thank you, @Andreatoo.   Wish I could give you more than one heart.

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@ArmoBuyer wrote:

I, too, had not seen Leah for a while...I totally agree with you! Where her face was fuller and healthy-looking, she now looks drawn, older. Healthier now, but not as attractive. Just my opinion>



I would rather be around longer with a thin face.... than dead with a fat fuller face..... JUST MY OPINION>>>>>