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Re: Leah’s lovely presentation.

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There are things we can "afford", but nevertheless are unwilling to pay the price being asked.


I can "afford"  the $115, but I don't think that the product is worth it.  I think it's over priced.  I know what I mean when I say this.

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Re: Leah’s lovely presentation.


@coconut1818 wrote:

Probably intentional due to the price!

@coconut1818    Its also not the most beautiful animal print I ever saw, in addition to being over-priced.

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Re: Leah’s lovely presentation.

@chrystaltree wrote:

Can we stop saying things are over priced when what we mean is it's more than we can afford.  There's nothing wrong with liking something and not being able to afford it.  

@chrystaltree , Actually, it can mean that it is overpriced for the quality. 

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Re: Leah’s lovely presentation.

Overpriced? Cannot afford? Not a good value for that price? Not a good price for the quality/fabric?


There's no difference if we're just expressing our opinions. I would not pay that for a blouse even if I liked it. It's all relative and also how I feel about it.


Of course, if I sold my new car, I could also purchase two  new (or maybe one) Hermes Birkin bags. Would I? Never... because it's not my nature to spend that much EVER on a bag. 

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Re: Leah’s lovely presentation.

Overpriced is an extremely subjective concept.