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Re: Leah in BD TSV Shrug (fabulous on her)

@Luvmycats   I agree. I watched the Jayne and Pat presentation and decided it's not flattering. There was a reason why they weren't showing  it on the 'plus' models. It wasn't flattering on Jayne and Pat either, but looked amazing on Leah. 

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Re: Leah in BD TSV Shrug (fabulous on her)

@Dulwich wrote:

Liking this shrug but I seem to like it bigger rather than more fitted with a bit more coverage in front.   To me some of the models need a bigger size hanging at the back nicely but barely any coverage in the front.  Very pretty colors just need to decide on size!

@Dulwich, that is exactly what I said in another thread before coming here.  I definitely like the roomier fit on this.  I don't like it as well at all more fitted.