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Land's End has some nice items, and nice quality but they are not all things for all people. It's a good source for basics. They bounce their prices around. When they offer 70% it doesn't come with free shipping. When they offer 60% it might have free shipping, but of course the item is then higher priced. You can try any and all of the three discount codes they usually have offered at any given time and come up with wide range of cost depending on if shipping is tacked on. It becomes a bit of a frustrating game.

My experience is that items that are lower priced are not the styles or patterns/colors I want.

I no longer shop at Chico's. That use to be my go to store, especially since they offered a range from casual to evening wear with coordinating accessories, and my store had a Soma attached next door. Closet and drawers full of their clothes...but then they changed and not for the better. They became too focused on trendy styles rather than classic timeless clothes. I use to regularly buy beautiful leather and suede coats and jackets. That's a thing of the past. I no longer have a desire to go into the deep bowels of the mall to visit them.

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My only complaint about LE online is their free shipping at $99+. I wish they would lower that by half.


Sign up for their emails. You'll get a LOT of emails with reduced pricing and often there is free shipping, no minimum. I had about 2 weeks straight of free ship, no min recently. It ended a few days ago. Now I'm getting emails that don't include free ship, so I'll just wait a couple of weeks and the free shipping will pop up again. I often order just one item, and I NEVER pay for shipping.

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I want to buy more from LAnds End. Love their supima v-neck tees. The colors they feature are often odd or too drab for me, though.

I ordered some Starfish pants. Had heard good things about them, but they were too baggy in the thighs for me.

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For those who are interested, Land's End has free shipping today. I just received an email.

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The cashmere red sweater is gorgeous tho.

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I'm not seeing the free shipping. Just tried to place an order.