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I've heard many of you talk of loving Lands End swimwear...tell me...on bottom do you take your normal pants size or size up one? I'm a 4 pants...Lands End sizing advising me to get 4 regular...yet I usually size up one lately for swimwear, and noticed a few reviews said they did.


Any advice?


On top I think I'll stay pretty true to size.


Basically, do you size up or stay true to your top and pants size when ordering Lands End swimwear??



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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I love their swimsuits, it's the only brand I stay true to size.  I do try to buy a long torso if available but I'm a 14 and have bought a size 14 from this line over the years.  I always wash in cold water and drip dry.  Never in a washing machine.   On qvc I go up a size.  Good luck.

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

i buy their suits because they are chlorine resitant.  I have a short torso, order one size up, and select by bust size and cup.

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

Rule of thumb for most swimwear is to size up one size.  I am between a M and a L ,

(12-14) so I wear a 14 in LE swimwear, same for LL Bean.  I have lots of bathing suits and they are all the same size , fit well and are all from these two companies.  HTH

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I love Lands End bathing suits. When I buy a one-piece suit or bottoms, I size up one size. With tankini tops, I buy my usual size or go by cup size. Keep your receipts, as Lands End guarantees their merchandise forever. In the past, they've replaced a couple of my bathing suits that were showing wear. Being able to identify the order number from the receipt facilitated the exchange for a new suit. 

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I don't know if you love this brand more, but be aware a lot of swim suits are on sale at Dillards including Miraclesuit.

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I've been a swimwear and lingerie model (both print and live show) for about 25 years.  I've modeled for Lands End.  Their bathing suits run true to size. However, if you have a large bust or larger hips, I would size up.

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I have several tankini tops and bottoms from Lands End, and I buy my normal clothing size.  They have to fit well, otherwise they sag when wet and start to fall off during water aerobics. 

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I've worn Land's End Tugless Tanks for years for lap swimming.  I wear a size 18 in their suits and size 18 pants.  In Denim & Co pants I am in between a Large and X-Large.  You and I are very different sizes but I hope this helps.

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Re: Lands End Swimwear Sizing?

I usually wear my normal pants and top size in Lands End Swimwear (2 or XS). I will size up for bikini tops because my bust is a 32D and if I can get a D cup I will take it.  I don't use the bikinis for water aerobics, however. I only wear one-piece suits and items like their swim skirts and board shorts with a tankini top for water exercise classes. 

The sizing has been consistently good to me since I have been a shopper of their swimwear.  Lands End is very good with exchanges and they are handled promptly and efficiently. Same has been true for me with refunds in the event changing sizes isn't going to resolve the fit issue.