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Re: Ladies who model fashions...

I agree the models are not graceful, and they are getting bigger and bigger, most women are between size 10 to maybe 16. I'm seeing models that look like they are size 2 and 3 x, the clothes just don't look right on that large size and the  models are not proportional.

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Re: Ladies who model fashions...

I think a pretty full size range of models on one show would be totally helpful.

They are always pointing out the petite model or the tall thin model. Then the plus size model half the time wears pants so tight they look they are gonna pop right open!


If a model is modeling clothes, then put her in the correct size that she actually needs and not a size she wants to be.


We are women, adult women, we don’t really care what size they have on -  if it does not even fit properly,  it is totally no help then now is it? If you wear a 4, then wear a 4. If you wear a 22, then wear a 22. If you are petite, well then don’t wear an oversized tunic that comes down to your knees. And if your tall, then don’t wear pants that look like they shrank up in the length and you're wearing them anyhow with 3-4” heels no less, like maybe no one will notice.


I see no no point of models wearing the wrong size or saying they wear a wanna be size.

Are we as women not past the point yet that we realize what size we are and not lie about it to ourselves or others? I mean, seriously?

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Re: Ladies who model fashions...

I totally agree that it's nice they have models of different heights and sizes, although, the clothing should fit, not a couple of sizes too small or too tight.  It's ok to go up a size or two so that you don't get those wrinkles, and pulls where the garment is too tight.  I also, like they have shorter models..especially for some of the pants, I don't care for the ankle pants, however, on a shorter person they are not ankle pants and that's what I like.
But, please to show off the best of the garment, please put the right sizes on the models..we don't care that a model is wearing a size 10 when she should be wearing a 12 or 14 that would look much better on.

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Re: Ladies who model fashions...

Carolyn is very good about mentioning what size everyone is in, but many of the NEWEST hosts neglect to do that. I watched a Peace Love World jeans presentation this am on Q dotcom and they went on for over 6 minutes about the washes and filling time with nonsense but never went to the models for sizing!

I like to know what size the models between size 14 and 18 are in, often it is skin tight on them, but knowing their pant size is better than a wild guess. ORDERING PANTS online is not easy!!