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One day last week, Shawn hosted a D&Co. show and wore a light-colored denim jean jacket that she was presenting.  At no point during her presentation did anyone mention what sizes the models were wearing.  Oh, wait.  Shawn did say she was in an XS.  Well, to me, that only meant that I would need a S or M.  Would've been nice to know who was wearing what size so I could gauge which size I should buy.  (Sometimes, too, no one mentions actual length measurements.  They'll say petite, regular, and tall, but no mention of the actual length in inches.)  Needless to say, I missed out on the jacket.  


Sometimes certain hosts need to be reminded in their ears what info they're not giving out AND when to simply just stop talking about their upcoming trips.



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@D Kay wrote:

It seems to me like they have more models that are large, extra large and 1X than anything else.

I'll say poor gals have to do swimsuits, etc.

HSN has 80% heavy folks.   I follow Jackie . Her and I are the closest. She is taller then me, but, we run large or in some cases Xlarge.


Some of those models are 4x at least. Jackie, is a happy medium/average woman. Not a bean pole or

big mama