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I saw these being sold a couple of months ago and they're not exactly my style but during our weekly pilgrimage to Trader Joe's, keep in mind we're in South Florida, everybody is in shorts and I saw two women in lace shorts! One was similar to the picture and the other was a tiered version

almostgone_2015_overlay_1.jpeg-1.jpg you definitely need the legs for them, which they both had, but what do you all think of lace shorts?

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Just no. Whether one has the legs for them or not!

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I haven't really seen anyone wearing them in person, but I did notice that they sell them at Walmart.  They seem cute, but the ones I saw were too short for me.  They were a tad bit longer than daisy dukes. 


They are not my style either.  I wouldn't wear lace on the bottom half of me, I don't think they would look great on me, though I love a nice, not cheap looking lace on top.

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They have been popular around here for about 3 years. I think they look adorable if you have the body to wear them.

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I dont care for them.

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I don't like how they look on the model and she has lovely legs!  They aren't my taste at all but if others like the look that is fine.  I wouldn't be surprised if someone wears them as wedding attire!

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I think they would be cute on a teen; not so much on an adult.

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I think the ones shown are pretty awful.


And I'm not sure if I'd like them on someone with better legs either.

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I’ve never thought lace table cloths looked good on anyone, so it’s a big no from me.