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Shawn wore a sweater once last April and I went crazy for it! Well a poster was nice enough to show the photo and said it was from lululemon. Well I had to have one! 110.00 later igot it and there was only 3 left. It is made out of scuba diving material and I am a size 4 and had to size up to a 6. Runs small.
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I didn't see the show. I love LLLemon, but I don't care for this. I don't like anything open front.

I have a closet full of LLL , and this doesn't appeal to me. It's too short, and it's open front.

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well as a professional yoga/pilates teacher this hits the spot and once again I am gratefull that sparkle took the time to read and post the location for someone she does not even know I cant wait to get into it for spring