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In the words of the urban philosopher 2-Chainz, “my money, I spend it”.
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To the first few posters on this thread, by your post numbers, I see that you are probably new here.  Please be aware that this is a place where most of us do our best to get along well with each other and respect each others opinions and taste in fashions.  It is one thing to not care for a particular clothing line or designer, but it something else entirely when the bashing appears to be an insult to the many, many people that love the LOGO line.   Lori's clothes are not at the top of my list, but for many they are.    Please be kind.

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The opening post is so nasty in tone that it loses any credibility in terms of a sincere criticism.


And as I've remarked before, it is not in good taste to refer to homeless people (or bag ladies.).

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Oh boy, another bashing people who wear LOGO thread. This horse has been beaten into the ground so much I'm sure it's in the earth's core by now. Enough with your nasty judgements, yes judgements, because they're certaintly not opinions. The same goes for SG, D&C, QF, etc. Enough is enough.
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I’ve ony seen kids where clothes similar to hers here. But maybe in big cities like NYC or LA it is popular.

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I've never seen anyone in the Houston area dressed in multiple layers of mismatched fabric, but they must be somewhere for the line to get constant airtime. I ordered a Logo tank in the rayon/spandex a few years back but it was sooooo thin and showed every lump and bump.