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If you love looking like a clown, with mixed patterns, uneven hems, raggedy looks, you'll love her "designs".  Plus you'll overpay big time.  Am shocked she calls herself a designer.  More shocked some fall for this goofy homeless look.  Wonder if she gets deals on unpopular bulks of materials from China, then puts them all together & calls it her "design".  Hahahaha  Shameful how the hosts act excited for these things too, but they are ALL great actresses.  I've slowly stopped buying from QVC, only a couple vendors, just because the "quality" has diminished while the "values" increased dramatically.  Gotta pay those big wages & overhead right?  

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Yeah, I'm not a fan at all etiher. I THINK she is strickly selling on QVC. I personally think her clothes are hideous lol. Her clothes remind me of when my daughter would dress herself when she was five years old...she came up with some doozies of outfits! But, some women must like it! She seems like a nice lady, just totally not my style.

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It appears leftover frabric is stitched together And called fashion.   I find this line of clothing hideous and very unflattering.  Another reviewer characterized it as the "homeless look".  I had to chuckle and I do agree.   

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I have to give Lori credit for the colors she brings (I mean on tee shirts or the top of a plain shirt).  I only like her tee shirts that have normal hemlines.  The rest is not for me.  But her prices are really getting outrageous.  I bought one tee shirt 'AS IS" price.  

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@rhondajune  , do you care to tell us what you consider fashionable at a price that you believe to be reasonable?

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@rhondajune Dropping in for your occasional negative slam on a fasion line?

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To each their own and it is what it is. 

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@rhondajune My husband saw her on QVC and said...You have got to be kidding me! Women wear that?!? He's pretty trendy himself but just because it's selling or "in" doesn't mean it looks good. I thought some of her pieces worn differently than how LOGO shows it would be ok but not all those ridiculous layers that look like you might be wearing everything in your closet. AND the arm holes are so big...this I know from a purchase of a tank top years ago. I will now say hard pass on her things. too goofy.

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well, since Logo has several shows during the week, and many of the items sell out, there's a reason the Q has it on so much. It makes money and people are buying it.



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I am not a fan of bashing anyone, but I do agree with the sentiment of the OP.  I just do not understand the aesthetic of LOGO and the prices are quite high for what it is.  I will stop there!