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Prices on LOGO have gone off the wall.

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Prices on everything are off the wall anymore.

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There is always Logo in LTS...try looking there.


I have gotten some great prices.

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I decided that I have enough stuff in my clostet and don't plan to buy any shoes, clothes or purses this fall/winter season.

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I'm just sick of the tie dye - it's so overdone.  I look at those tops and think they look like my x-rays at the orthodontist when I had braces. 

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Logo tie dye is funny.  For the longest time I too have looked at those shirts and thought dental x rays..  I was in nursing and it is so obvious

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I can't even see the graphics to know the prices unless I stand up and move toward the TV, but unless I am tempted I don't bother.    I just don't understand why I'd care what other people are perfectly happy buying when my thought is that no price would tempt me.


The kinds/brands of products I don't bother to price is too long to list here.









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thankfully i have clothes and don't need them





food is the real issue.   wow....just wow @ food prices




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For the most part, the brand is hype - lots of the same looking stuff & overated fabrics

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I've stated several times before .. I'm glad I own what I already do ...


I think Logo has run its course ......